Waste Food De-Packaging & Conversion for Animal Feed

Waste Food Solutions meets two key requirements in the food industry:

Disposal of Unsold Food From Supermarkets & Manufacturers

Waste Food Solutions provide an economically and ecologically viable outlet for the out of date and unsold food from supermarkets, confectioners and food manufacturers and de-package this resource and prepare it for animal feed.

Manufacturers of Food De-Packaging Machines

Waste Food Solutions manufacture, sell and maintain highly efficient and cost effective food de-packaging equipment. We have considerable experience of food reprocessing for animal feed and our de-packaging equipment is designed to deal with high volume throughput. See Food De-packaging for more details.

Reprocessing Unsold Supermarket Food within the Food Chain

By partnering with Waste Food Solutions, the waste contractors pay a significantly reduced disposal fee, reducing the cost to the supermarkets.

From an ecological perspective, the supermarkets, manufacturers and waste contractors improve their green credentials by retaining this unsold food in the food chain rather than wasting this very valuable resource.

Waste Food Solutions takes what would otherwise be wasted supermarket food and processes it into animal feed. Because the costs of this initiative are so low, the resulting animal feed is also considerably lower cost than manufactured feed.

Our operation is attracting intense interest and receiving support from many food related businesses, waste disposal contractors and other interested organisations from the UK and around the world.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to dispose of or reprocess your unsold food, or feed your cattle and pigs for less, please call us now on 07714308619

Food De-Packaging & Crumbing Machines

If you would like to discuss the specification and price of a De-Packaging and Food Reprocessing machine for your specific recycling application please call us on 07714308619 or e mail us – wastefoodsolutions@gmail.com

Cost Effective Food De-Packaging Machines Available

Our food de-packaging machines are expertly engineered for purpose. They are designed to be low cost in terms of both the initial investment and ongoing maintenance. Our Super Separator model, which can reprocess up to 5T / hour of feed, is available for only 15,000 plus VAT.

Demonstration of Food De-Packaging Plant

Please let us know if you would like to see a demonstration of our De-Packaging plant in action. See De-Packaging Plant page for details.


Unsold Supermarket Food Collection & Disposal. Reprocessing of Unsold Food for Animal Feed. De-Packaging & Food Reprocessing Machinery Manufacture & Sales.

Waste Food Solutions meets two urgent requirements in the UK food industry today.

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