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Tie up with Allensway:

Waste Food Solutions Ltd has joined forces with major waste processor Allensway Ltd.

The tie up will enable us to expand our food de-packaging operation and also our food de-packaging equipment activity.

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Recovery of Unsold Food From Supermarkets & Distributors

We provide an economically and ecologically viable outlet for the out of date and unsold food from supermarkets, distributors and food manufacturers. We de-package this food for use as high quality feed for farm animals.

Recovering Unsold Supermarket Food – Reducing Disposal Costs

By working with us, supermarkets, food manufacturers and waste contractors can improve their green credentials by retaining this unsold food in the food chain, rather than wasting money on ever escalating disposal costs.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to recover your unsold food, please call us now on 07714 308 619.

With high performance at a highly competitive rate, the Super Separator Mark 10 food de-packaging unit represents incredible value. With its high throughput rates, low maintenance cost and versatility the Mark10 will show quick and substantial return on investment.
For more details see Super Separator page.

Manufacturers of Food De-Packaging Machines

Waste Food Solutions design, manufacture, sell and maintain highly efficient and cost effective food de-packaging equipment. As farmers, we have considerable experience of food recovery for animal feed and our de-packaging equipment is designed to produce clean, high quality feed. See Food De-packaging for more details.

We Recover Your Waste Food

If you prefer to have us recover your unsold food products we can do so. We de-package a huge range of products, both solid and liquid, via the appropriate equipment. The food is diverted into animal feed and the packaging is passed through one of several recycling options available to us.

Soft Separator

Punnets / clamshell type boxes for display purposes are becoming increasingly popular. Made from PET plastic, they are very brittle and difficult to de-package without contaminating the animal feed. We have developed the Soft Separator de-packaging unit which deals specifically with this recycling challenge.


We Produce & Sell Clean, High Quality Animal Feed

There is a fundamental difference between Waste Food Solutions Ltd and most other manufacturers of food de-packaging machines.  We manufacture our units to produce very high quality animal feed – passing the tests which confirm that our feed meets the required standard.

We process unsold food from supermarkets, markets, food manufacturers and other sources through our Super Separator de-packaging units. We sell the recovered food to livestock farmers throughout the UK.

Over many years we have refined the specification of our de-packaging units to deal with all types of packaging, and along the way have learned how to overcome the problems that arise. For example, The Super Separator is capable of removing the plastic shroud that cucumbers are wrapped in – at a rate of 2 -3 tons per hour.

We moved into new premises in January 2019, allowing us to not only produce high quality farm feed but also to expand our Super Separator manufacturing plant.

View Our Food De-packaging Units in Action

We invite all potential customers to visit our premises to see the machine in use and test run any product they wish to process.

We have had visits from customers from many countries including Spain, Lithuania and Uruguay all of whom have purchased the unit after their visit. See testimonials page.

We are happy to collect you from the airport or railway station. During the visit all potential customers are encouraged to run the Super Separator; any questions/queries arising can then be answered on the spot.

Super Separator De-Packaging Machine

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