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Welcome to our new mobile friendly website which aims to provide an excellent user experience, and allows customers to browse our products and services wherever or whenever they wish. Visitors can also watch videos which demonstrate some of the processes involved in our waste food recovery like de-packaging and separating. Out of date and unsold food accounted for a whopping £13bn worth of waste in 2015, weighing in at 7.3 million tonnes. Waste food can however be processed and re-used as feed for farm animals. At Waste Food Solutions Ltd, we offer a service to supermarkets, waste contractors and manufacturers that is cost effective and eco friendly. Our regular clients include Fowler, Dalziel, Bibby Distribution, Fortuna, Welch, Frutos and charities FairShare and Company Shop. Shocking facts about food waste in London for instance include: –

  • Food waste costs the average person living in the capital £200 annually, £700 for a family of four.
  • Waste authorities in London spend £50 million per year on disposing of unwanted food.
  • 19 million tonnes of CO2 emissions are produced by food waste.
  • Out of every five bags of shopping purchased, one full bag ends up in the bin!

As part of our service, we can de-package and recover most foods, and also supply our Super Separator units to clients at home and internationally. These include an insect breeding farm in Lithuania, a waste food recovery plant in Barcelona, Spain and we will soon carry out a unit installation in Norway. These excellent high performance machines remove all packaging and allow waste food to be converted into useful animal feed. Part of our ethos means that we are happy to be involved in food de-packaging innovations around the world, in order to further this positive concept. For a free consultation and advice on how your company can dispose of food waste call us on 01484 975 057 or 07714 308 619.

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