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The UK government launched a new scheme in October 2018, to tackle the growing problem of food waste. The initiative, named WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme), released a number of recommendations to limit the disposal of excess food. They pointed out that often when charities have been unable to direct all of the food passed on to them, the food waste can be used to feed farm animals. These charities have to pay to have the unused food collected from food banks, and other food distribution facilities to be disposed of.

Return Waste Food to Animal Feed

WRAP sought the advice of our team of experts on the issue of how best to deal with this food excess, which we believe, and were able to demonstrate, is actually a valuable resource. Government statistics show that an incredible 7.3 million tonnes of food per year is wasted in the UK, 100,000 tonnes of which is edible yet finds its way to landfill sites or is incinerated.

£15 Million Government Fund

The concept of redistributing this food waste for use as farm feed is fast becoming an accepted viable solution. The government scheme is hoped to motivate interested parties to take practical steps and dispose of excess food efficiently. We maintain that while Farm-to-Fork plays an important role, real progress lies in the circular process of Farm-to-Fork-to-Farm. This would solve the problem of what to do with waste food, while improving animal nutrition and lowering the cost of animal feed.

We offer a range of innovative services in this area including food recycling and waste food de-packaging. We also manufacture the high performance Super Separator, which can de-package just about any food product including bread, biscuits, cake, milk, vegetables, fruit and yoghurt. It can recover around 95% of waste food, and the removed packaging can be recycled or is ideal for use in an Energy from Waste generator.

For more information on the practical steps involved in returning unused food to the farm, please call Paul on 07714 308619.

Waste Food Disposal, Unused & Unsold Food as Farm Animal Feed, Innovative Technology

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