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Q: Why should I send my unsold or out of date food to you rather than have it collected by the waste company I use?

A: We recycle your unsold / out of date food into cattle/pig co-products, yielding an economically and environmentally sustainable co-product feed. The packaging is also recycled

Q: What benefits do I achieve?

A: We can cut your waste disposal cost, whilst reducing landfill space used, giving you a cheaper, green alternative

Q: How will this affect the farming community?

A: Farmers collecting from Waste Food Solutions will have a much cheaper co-product to feed to their livestock. This in turn will enable them to produce more livestock and increase British farming. At the moment Britain imports approx. £650 million of pork from the E.U. annually.

Q: Is there any broader environmental impact of your disposal process?

A: The rainforests of Brazil and Borneo will be under less pressure to supply soya for our cattle/pigs.

Q: What does a Super Separator unit cost?

A: The Super Separator unit costs only £50,000.

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