Glass Repackaging

Glass RepackagingIntroducing our prototype unit for 100% food recovery from glass jars without breaking the jars.

Jars are loaded manually from the pallet either singly or in a six-pack tray. Both the jar lids and jars are separated and collected ready for recycling. The jar lids are unscrewed and removed by an over band magnet while the jars stay in the carriage, are turned upside down and emptied with the aid of air jets. The recovered food can be used as farm animal feed or as A.D. fuel.

Our glass repackaging unit is fully adjustable, both manually and electronically, to cope with all sizes of jars, with both metal and plastic jar lids.

The unit has nine carriages with each carriage holding six jars, a total of 54 jars, the full cycle takes 3 minutes 20 seconds – this equates to 972 jars recycled per hour.

The machine can be purchased as a single head or multiple. For more information and a free consultation on how we can reduce your waste food disposal costs, please call us on 07714308619.

Macerating or De-Packaging?

Out of Date Food Disposal & RecoverySome methods of disposal of unsold, out of date food involve shredding and macerating the food whilst it is still in its packaging. This mix of food and its packaging is then spread on the farm land, as fertiliser. This results in the plastic packaging washing out of the land, directly into the water courses.

Waste Packaging Generating Electricity

Our de-packaging system removes all plastic packaging from the food and it goes to an incinerator which emits no harmful gasses. Here the packaging helps to fuel electricity generators that are connected to the National Grid.

The food leaves the machine crumbed and ready to feed to farm animals and is below the inclusion limits set by trading standards. We achieve a 95% recovery of food and packaging, with a recycling route for all products.

Our gate fee is significantly less than A.D. (anaerobic digester) and composting, and in some cases, may be free.

Free Food Waste Consultation

For a free consultation on how we can reduce your waste food disposal costs, please call us on 07714308619.

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