Testimonials from Super Separator Food De-packaging Clients

Please see some of our testimonials. The first one is from Steve Kincart in Cheltenham.

Award Winning Pig Farmer & Meat Retailer – Cheltenham

Steve takes 20 tonne lots of our unsold depackaged food co-product.

Food De-Packaging Recovery Recycling Machinery‘I have 500 Gloucester Old Spot X large white pigs. They love your chocolate muffins, raisins and custards, amongst the other delicacies in your de-packaged feed consignments.

I’m convinced that their rich diet and slow growth have a significant impact on the taste in the meat.

Demand for the speciality pork is increasing at the shop, as word of its quality gets around. And winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd in our local show confirms that we are doing a lot of things right in terms of nutritious diet and general welfare’.

Steve Kincart
Burleyfields Farm & Produce Retail,

Pigs & Cattle farmer – Norway

Pigs & Cattle farmer - NorwayMathias Mohen rears pigs and cattle for milk, beef and pork on his farm in Trondheim, Norway. We installed for him a Super Separator with fully integrated conveyors plus feeding system. The entire installation process was completed in three days.

‘We process 200 tonnes of unsold food, mostly bread, through our de-packaging unit each month. The machine is very efficient, it can process 1,500kg of bread per hour. The unit is really easy to maintain and the bread from it is very clean.

We use the feed for our own stock and we have many local farmers who are very happy to take from us any surplus feed’.

Mathias Mohen, Trondheim, Norway

Pig & Cattle Farmer & Food Reclaimer, Wales

Will Williams is a pig and cattle farmer in Aberystwyth, Wales

Says Will ‘The main throughput of our de-packaging machine is yoghurts packed in polystyrene pots. We recover the yoghurt from the pots at a highly efficient rate and mix it with our pig and cattle feed. We have been using the Super Separator constantly since 2016 and are very pleased with its performance.

The unsold yoghurt comes from a large local manufacturer. They previously sent the unsold pots to an anaerobic digester, however the digestate was often heavily contaminated with plastic from the pots – a big problem as the processed yoghurt, plus plastic, was then spread on the land. Now the plastic can be recycled and the yoghurt goes into our animal feed.’

Food Reclaimer – Catalonia, Spain

Skorpeston are a food reclamation and recovery company based in Catalonia. With very good contacts amongst the supermarket network in Barcelona, MD Alberto Stoian de-packages and reclaims a wide variety of unsold supermarket food products.

Says Alberto ‘through our Super Separator de-packaging unit we process bread, cake, biscuits, fruit, veg, yoghurts and tinned drinks. We achieve a fast throughput with no contaminating inclusions. We supply the de-packaged food mostly to farmers in Catalonia, with some of the veg going to an anaerobic digestion plant.

Food Reclaimer – Uruguay

Food Reclaimer – UruguayPatricia Marinovic is a director of Urugestion, in Uruguay. The company takes in mostly unsold supermarket bread and confectionery and sell the de-packaged food to farmers. This client had tried out a number of de-packaging units before trialling and then purchasing the Super Separator.

‘We are really very pleased with our unit. It processes everything we feed into it and the throughput is better than we expected!! You will see that we have raised the height of the machine in our photo, to give us better access to our packaging collection bag.

Last Friday we had the pleasure of welcoming to Urugestion the directors of Nestle Uruguay to see yur machine working. It was perfect!!

Colin Rogers – Greentec Environmental Consultants
Colin is a long time and impartial advocate of the Super Separator, he is based in Uruguay:
‘Hello Paul, just to let you know I visited Urugestion waste reclaim facility yesterday. I saw the Super Separator in operation and the separation efficiency was excellent. The guys at Urugestion told me that they are very satisfied with the machine.

Nutritious pig & cattle feed. De-packaged unsold bread & confectionery. Fast processing of waste and unsold food.

Waste food separation unit. High efficiency units operating in Uruguay, Spain, Norway and across the UK.

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