Introducing the Super Separator Mark 10

The Mk10 Super Separator de-packaging system is fitted with a feed-in hopper, which is ideally fed by a conveyor. The hopper houses a meter with a speed controller, which can be adjusted to deliver the product into the main chamber.

The main chamber is also fitted with a speed controller, this is very important as the speed produces the cleanest result.

The Super Separator has an extraction system, drawing away the packaging. This extractor has a variable position head, allowing the packaging to be despatched from the left, right or vertically into storage bags or skips. The extraction system includes a ‘crumb trap’ – this catches any food that has not gone through the Super Separator grille and can be re-run through the Super Separator – ensuring maximum product utilisation.

De-packaging Liquids

The Super Separator also has a tank for liquids – cans, tins, plastic bottles etc. It fits snugly underneath the base of the main chamber. The tank is fitted with a large tap and runs off into a second tank with an integrated filter and an optional pump.

The Mk 10 Super Separator is a complete system, producing high quality animal feed at an average rate of 2 tons per hour.


The complete separator system measures only 2.2m (h) x 2m (w) x 4m (l).

The extraction system (recommended) including the packaging collection bag measures 1m (w) x 4m (l).


The Mk 10 Super Separator has a 1 year guarantee. We are proud to say that in the 12 years of manufacturing the Super Separator we have not had a single customer unit breakdown.

High Performance at a Highly Competitive Price

The Super Separator Mk10 is a highly reliable food & drinks de-packaging unit at an incredibly low price, please contact us for details.

Soft Separator De-packaging Unit

The beauty of the soft separator is that it does not shatter PET punnets, in which much of our food today is displayed and sold.
The Soft Separator has much the same kit as the Super Separator, but has been specially adapted to deal with PET punnets.

For further information, or to arrange a factory visit, please call Paul on –07714308619.

Food De-Packaging & Recycling MachinesThe Super Separator has evolved through several designs and undergone exhaustive testing, to achieve its high level of performance and productivity.

It is capable of de-packaging almost all food products i.e. bread, cake, biscuits, fruit, vegetables, milk, yoghurts and tetra-paks.

It achieves a 95% food recovery and the packaging can be sent to an Energy-from-Waste generator, or in some cases can be sent for recycling.

Light on Maintenance & Highly Productive

The Super Separator is capable of dealing with packaged food and drinks in all manner of containers. It will enable you to avoid costly disposal fees and provide a far greener route for your company.

Installation & Maintenance

Food De-Packaging & Recycling MachinesOur de-packaging units are designed and built with the user in mind. Installation and commissioning of most of our de-packaging machines normally takes one day. Maintenance is simply a daily clean down, with a check over and grease application each week.

Waste Food Solutions – Background

  • Our machine removes the packaging from the out of date food or manufacturers produce, once bound for landfill, then crumbs it into an economical and ecological animal feed
  • We specialise in secure destruction and recovery of food from its packaging and return it into the food chain via livestock farming
  • Food De-Packaging & Recycling MachinesWaste Food Solutions do not manufacture general reprocessing equipment.  We have a strong livestock farming, engineering and materials handling background and utilise these skills and experience to design and manufacture highly effective food de-packaging machines

Product Development Ethos

Waste Feed Solutions has a very strong product development ethos. This has led to many innovations in the product’s design.

We have developed the Soft Separator to recover a specific type of packaged food – including PET plastic punnets and clam shell type packaging. See Home Page for details.

We have sold de-packaging systems to Anaerobic Digestion plants in the UK, and we are involved in food de-packaging projects around the world.

Super Separator De-Packaging Machine

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