Waste Food De-Packaging – It’s What We Do!

Recovery of Unsold Food From Supermarkets & DistributorsIn addition to manufacturing the de-packaging units, we also use our own de-packaging units to process most types of unsold food and sell it to farmers for animal feed.

Examples of the waste food we de-package are:

  • Bread & Confectionery
  • Dairy
  • Fruit & Veg
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Tetra Pak
  • PET Punnets & Clam Shell packaging
  • Tinned food

Unsold Food De-Packaging & Recovery for ManufacturersDairy includes milk, cheese, butter and yoghurts.

We recycle plastic bottles containing a range of liquids such as sauces, soft drinks and water.

With our Soft Separator unit we remove PET display packaging for food ranging from strawberries and confectionery to Easter Eggs.

We are presently developing a specialist system for recovering food contained in glass jars and bottles. Please register your interest with us for this ground breaking development.

Food De-Packaging Clients

Clients whose unsold food we take in, recover and sell as animal feed include Bibby Distribution, Fowler Welch, Dalziel and charities FairShare and Company Shop.

Recovery of Unsold Food From Supermarkets & DistributorsOur Food De-Packaging service is growing rapidly as people recognise the economic benefits of our process and also its contribution to animal nutrition and the huge landfill problem. We are processing waste feed from far and wide. Here are some examples:

Bradford’s St James  wholesale fruit and veg market. We take over 12 tonnes per week of the unsold fruit & veg and de package it for sale as animal feed.

Fortune Fruitos send us a minimum of 800 tonnes per annum of waste food to de-package, while Daily Fresh send us 100 tonnes of vegetables from the Netherlands to de-package and sell to our farm customers in the UK.

A chocolate producer in Norwich also sends us 80 tonnes of assorted packages of chocolate to recover and sell to UK farmers.

See Our De-packaging Units in Action

Potential customers for our food de-packaging units are most welcome to come to our factory and observe the units in action. These are not simply demo models, you will see our own units de-package and recover what would otherwise be waste food, for sale to our many livestock farm customers across the UK.

Non UK visitors are also most welcome, we can arrange transport from and back to your train station or airport. Accommodation can also be organised.

What We Do Not Process

In accordance with Trading Standards and DEFRA, we do not process meat, fish and ABPs (Animal By Products) into farm animal feeds. However, we can advise you on an alternative route for this type of product.

Dispose of Waste Food or Purchase High Quality Animal Feed

Recycled as Co-Product for LivestockWhichever end of the food chain you are at, we can help you. Disposal of waste food  via waste contractors costs in the order of £125 per tonne and the product is often sent to land fill. This is not a very sustainable option. We charge around £25 per tonne for disposal and our reclaimed food goes back into the food chain in the form of animal feed.

If you are a livestock farmer you will find our animal feed co-product to be a very interesting proposition. Costs vary according to the type of waste product we are dealing with. Fruit and veg can cost as little as £20 per tonne. We sell recovered bread at £80 per tonne and cereal and confectionery at £100 – £125 per tonne.

All of these options represent a very attractive supplement to your current animal feed arrangements.

Review Your Waste Food Re-packaging & Costs

We offer a free consultation to discuss the most eco-friendly and cost effective recovery of your unsold & waste food products.

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